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Mastering the light (this has a 35 second musical lead in)

John Woodward has spent 35 years producing images for corporations such as

Chase, Citibank, Viacom, Paramount, RJR Nabisco, Hawaiian Tropic, Cunard, Hyatt and Marriott

His work in sports includes being the official photographer for the New York Yankees,

director of photography for the Avon and Virginia Slimís womenís tennis championships

 as well as corporate sponsors photographer for the Jets, Giants, Islanders, Rangers,

the New York Marathon and others.

John has been the corporate sponsors photographer for the United States Tennis Open for nearly three decades. 

In the world music he has had opportunities to work with the Rolling Stones,

Michael Jackson, Madonna, Whitney Houston, Bon Jovi, Billy Idol and Billy Joel.

 Mr. Woodward is currently the photographer for the League of American Theater Owners and Producers.  

Mr. Woodward has photographed Heads of State, the Pope, Dalai Lama, several Presidents and a First Lady or two. 

Johns' course, instructional and shooting styles, are an amalgam of all these experiences.

"As a corporate events specialist you learn that everyday presents a new challenge.

Some days would find you shooting an interior of the corporate boardroom,

portraits of the officers and then documenting a charity dinner.

The next day would be a modelís portfolio followed by illustrations for a television show.

The following day would be food photography on location and then a sporting event.

The beauty of our profession is that it doesnít have to be the same day in and day out. 

The diversity of our work allows certain freedoms.

The quality of life available to us as professional photographers is enviable."  

When he designed this course his intent was to provide a solid understanding of the basic tenants of photography.

He is a consummate professional who, while still serving his clients, has decided it is time to "give back" to the community. 

If he can save you three mistakes, based on his experiences, how much further will you be in your career?  

John now has 15 years of experience in teaching the "pros" what they were supposed to know already.

Beyond examining the breadth and depth of lighting,

Mr. Woodward will examine and demonstrate such things as format and lens selection,

location scouting, facial analysis and alternative studio setups.

Youíll gain a complete understanding of such things as "Sunny 16", "black factor",

the characteristic curve of film,

proper exposure determination as well as the advantage of eliminating variables.

He feels that once you have a complete understanding of these concepts; 

youíll be able to concentrate more fully on the aesthetics of your imaging.

Teaching has demanded that he keeps up with the current trends and emerging technologies.

The result is that he has become a better  photographer,

equipped and more capable of satisfying his clients myriad needs.


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Classes     PRODUCTS AND STUDY GUIDES Sponsor Links