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All disks contents are in Adobe PDF form and are printable. All are MAC and PC compatible.

All I Know includes all of John's current workbooks *and study guides as well as many articles and illustrations.

Mastering the Light, Digital and the Power of Raw, Compositional Study Guide and Walkthrough comprise 8 total volumes.

These Volumes include concept pages and examples encompassing more than 1100 pages.

This compilation is available for $ 350.00 and saves more than $250.00 over single purchases.

This single disk saves you $ 200.00 over the separate purchases of his other products and provides many weeks of study.

Mastering the Light, is the main course Mr. Woodward teaches around the country.

It is a building block course which discusses all of the elements necessary in understanding photography. 

Volume 1 is Studio and Basics

Volume 2 is Outdoors and Exposure

Volume 3 is Everything Else and Digital

These three volumes are delivered on a single CD, and costs $190.00.


Another publication, The Compositional Study Guide is available for $140.00

This may be the most important purchase you make as a photographer.

The foundations of composition are the building blocks and will guide you as create your works or art.

This Publication will help you understand Why a Photograph WORKS!

In his newest publication, Digital and the Power of RAW, John discusses digital and the new Paradigm.

He demonstrates the new techniques that he finds unique to digital capture and discusses personal techniques as well.

He STRESSES that you should shoot in RAW if you want to truly have control; of your final image.

The Examples will convince you and show you options which never existed before digital. It is available for $140.00


The work-study Series is called WALKTHROUGH and includes 3 volumes

Walkthrough volumes 1, 2 and3  are delivered on a single CD and discuss 350 of Mr. Woodward's images.

As a study guide, being able to look at the images and read or hear the commentary as to the thinking process

and or the equipment used will help you improve your own photography.  The price for this study guide is $140.00.


The Location Mapping Guidebook which is shown on the order form is available for $30.00. This Workbook helps you eliminate variables, understand the changing nature of the locations you use, provides checklists and an understanding of the solstices and equinoxes, and how they will affect your work.

 It also discusses exposure and additive school philosophy

.*Please note that Location Mapping Guidebook is not on the ALL I KNOW disk.

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